Aloha! from kaimishop!

Can you relate? Wearing heirloom quality jewelry while traveling, exploring unfamiliar places, or swimming in the ocean made me so uneasy worrying it would be lost or damaged. 

I wanted to wear something luxurious that was also affordable, giving me peace of mind while keeping up with my adventures. 

That's why we created kaimi. Our pieces meet these objectives and more; beautiful, resilient pieces suitable for daily wear at accessible prices. Our pieces use sustainable materials that are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional jewelry, without compromising style.

We're overjoyed to welcome you to the kaimi family. You'll be the first to know of new product drops, exclusive discounts, and blog posts that we believe you will find relevant and inspiring.

Now, step into our jewelry boutique paradise -a virtual cabana where stunning jewelry complements your unique narrative, and every piece becomes a treasure trove of cherished memories. 

If you're the kind of soul who loves to explore, worships the sun, and seeks sandy beaches, azure pools, and breezy cabanas, then you've found your tribe - you are a sol seeker!

Our jewelry isn't just an accessory, it is a symbol of your passion for style reflecting the carefree spirit of sun-drenched vacations a connection to the ones you love, cherished memories, a shield of protection, and a beacon of hope. Discover yours today. Shop kaimi! 
Heidi & Romy
kaimi -Jewelry for the sol seeker. ☀️