About Us

heidi and romy, owners of kaimishop.com, head shots

Hello beautiful sol-seekers and lifestyle aficionados! Welcome to KAIMI!

We are two childhood besties, originally from the gray, damp paradise of the Pacific Northwest. You know, the place where even the sun peeking through the clouds feels like a small victory – and where a perfectly brewed double-shot latte is practically a form of currency. We are used to dark skies and bad hair days and have mastered the art of dodging raindrops, but we long for sunny, clear blue skies!   We were basically born with an innate love for sun, solace, travel and purpose for coastal pleasures and desert landscapes. Now, we are travel buddies finding any excuse for sol-seeking.

Heidi, the consummate wanderer, has journeyed from the mountains to the sea of the West, eventually finding her current sunny sanctuary in New Mexico. With a former career as a proprietor wedding planner extraordinaire, she's thrown soirées that belong on magazine covers. Heidi's fashion game? Let's just say she's the queen of individualized style. Trends? Nah, she prefers to set them herself.

Romy traded the world of CMYK for silver and gold becoming your go-to jewelry co-curator seeking to collect artisan pieces from around the world. A travel enthusiast yearning for beautiful and sunny destinations.  Embracing the explorer lifestyle, she seeks new experiences, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on life through the various destinations around the world via land, air, or sea. 

Together, we've blended our passions that celebrate individuality, exploration, and the awe-inspiring beauty of our natural world. Our curated collection of jewelry is designed to add a touch of radiance to your days, infuse them with hope, and express your unique style. So, whether you're embarking on a global adventure or simply nurturing those wanderlust dreams, join us on this illuminating journey as we celebrate life's brightest moments, one dazzling piece at a time!