'riptide' necklace

18k twisted snake herringbone chain


Discover a world where sun, sand, and style meet. This twisted snake chain levels up - it's your passport to your next adventure.

18k gold plated

15"+ 2" extender

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product details

With kaimi's waterproof necklace, you can dive right into your day without a worry. Riptide is ready for anything. Absorb the warmth of the golden sun while displaying your radiant 18k gold plated necklace. Our necklace is designed with a captivating flat herringbone snake, double chain necklace that draws inspiration from ocean waves dancing upon the shore. Extracted from nature's finest sights, this necklace showcases a stunning snake chain necklace, which mirrors the coiling of a seashell. This exquisite piece is completed with an 18k herringbone chain, harmonizing with the herringbone choker's pattern observed in the herringbone of palm trees waving in sub-tropical breezes.

  • 100% Waterproof necklace for worry-free beach and water activities.
  • Radiant 18k gold plated necklace that catches the sun just right.
  • Unique Double chain necklace design for an adventurous style statement.
  • Beautiful Snake chain necklace inspired by the natural world.
  • Iconic 18k herringbone chain and herringbone choker for a vintage charm.

Strong CTA: Don't hold off on indulging in one-of-a-kind experiences and memories that shimmer as bright as our Riptide necklace. Claim your piece of sun-kissed paradise now!