'mexico sunset' necklace

Colorful beaded choker necklace with pearls


Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of the 'mexico sunset' necklace, a piece that truly captures the spirit of endless sunny days and the joy of exploration. This is more than a necklace, it's an invitation to an unforgettable journey.

15 " + 2" extender, bead size variation between colors

Freshwater pearl, natural beads and gold-plated stainless steel

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product details

Our 'mexico sunset' necklace is a colorful beaded necklace that embodies radiance, warmth, and the spirit of celebration. Each vibrant bead represents the sun's warm glows, celebration, and the magic of royal purple sunsets. Nestled within this lively mix are freshwater pearls, each one telling a tale of timeless elegance and the richness of tradition. This isn't just a beaded choker necklace, it's the essence of Mexico - vibrant, diverse, and truly unforgettable.

  • Made with colorful natural beads and freshwater pearls
  • Features gold-plated stainless steel closures for a touch of luxury and durability for continuous wear on your adventures
  • Comes with a length of 15" + 2" extender - perfect for every neck size
  • Lightweight, allowing you to carry the spirit of Mexico with comfort and ease

Seize the spirit of Mexico with the 'mexico sunset' necklace. Wear it with pride, let it shine brightly, and be a constant reminder of the joy, beauty and celebration.

how to care for natural stone and freshwater pearl jewelry

  • Dodge the Drops:
    Make sure to keep your stones and pearls dry; they're not waterproof, despite what some other retailers may say.
  • Scent Before Style:
    Spritz, lotion, and makeup first, then adorn with freshwater pearls and natural stones.
  • Last On, First Off Rule:
    Dress up with freshwater pearls and natural stone pieces last.
  • Gentle Clean-Up:
    Pamper your jewelry with a cleanup using a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Alone Time in Storage
    Give your jewelry some space! Store freshwater pearls and natural stone pieces away from other jewelry.
  • Easy on the Sun:
    Your pearls and stones aren't sunbathers. Keep them in a cool, dark spot.
  • Heat-Free Zone:
    Avoid extreme heat for your jewelry.
  • Clean Hands, Happy Pearls:
    Handle your jewelry with clean hands. No oils or dirt allowed!