'mystic moon' earrings

18k gold plated crescent moon earrings


Bask in the glow of these crescent hoop earrings. Take in the powerful sounds of beach waves, and the thrill of new sights as these earrings are ready for any adventure.

18K gold-plated, stainless steel, malachite, natural shell, or black color

~7/8" width and height

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product details

For those who crave the sun's kiss on their skin, the sand between their toes, and the wanderlust to uncover hidden gems around the world, these mystic moon earrings are your ticket to paradise. These beautiful crescent moon earrings tell your story with their distinctive shape, moving with you as you explore life's thrilling escapades. Glimmering 18k gold-plated hoop earrings, they are a beacon of your unique style.

The mother of pearl earrings shimmer with serene beauty, akin to moonlight dancing on calm waves, while the malachite earrings radiate with the vibrancy of lush, tropical paradises. Each piece, uniquely crafted, whispers tales of earth's splendor and cosmic wonder.

  • Made of 18k gold plated stainless steel, ensuring longevity and your skin's comfort
  • Available in serene white natural shell or rich black, teeming with dreamy, lunar allure
  • Also available in the vibrancy of malachite, echoing the energy of pulsating, tropical life
  • Designed in a crescent shape, encircling your earlobe with cosmic elegance
  • A versatile accessory, ushering seamless transition from beach fun to nighttime glamour

Dance in the moonlight with the mystic moon earrings – a testament to your vibrant spirit and love for life. Capture the essence of celestial beauty and carry your adventure within you – all day, every day.