'pink plumeria' ring

Pink natural rose quartz ring


Surrender to the captivating allure of our pink plumeria ring. Crafted for those who crave lush tropical flowers and magical sunrises, love fun-filled adventures, and cherish every beach memory. Let the rose-colored glow of the pink stone ring whisk you away to the unforgettable seaside moments you crave.

18k gold plated stainless steel, natural rose quartz gemstone

Choose size: 6,7,8,9

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product details

Our statement piece, our pink plumeria ring is set with a charming natural rose quartz stone, universally adored as a symbol of love, fostering deep emotional connections. Its enchanting pink hue will stir you, evoking images of dreamy sunsets and memorable beach holidays, making it the perfect companion for the beach lover, the fun-seeker, and the explorer in you.

Dressed impeccably in 18k gold plating, this pink quartz rose gold ring is sculpted from high-grade stainless steel, assuring outstanding durability and hypoallergenic properties. Make waves without a worry in the world.

Features/ Benefits/ Materials:

  • Expertly crafted 18k gold plated, resistant to wear
  • Fashioned with superior grade stainless steel
  • Hypoallergenic, designed for sensitive skin
  • Embedded with pink stone that embodies love and peace
  • Non-tarnishing for an enduring allure

Surrender to the call of the ocean, embrace the warmth of the sun, and let your spirit soar with kaimi's pink plumeria ring. Shop right now and bring your beachside dreams to life!

how to care for natural stone and freshwater pearl jewelry

  • Dodge the Drops:
    Make sure to keep your stones and pearls dry; they're not waterproof, despite what some other retailers may say.
  • Scent Before Style:
    Spritz, lotion, and makeup first, then adorn with freshwater pearls and natural stones.
  • Last On, First Off Rule:
    Dress up with freshwater pearls and natural stone pieces last.
  • Gentle Clean-Up:
    Pamper your jewelry with a cleanup using a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Alone Time in Storage
    Give your jewelry some space! Store freshwater pearls and natural stone pieces away from other jewelry.
  • Easy on the Sun:
    Your pearls and stones aren't sunbathers. Keep them in a cool, dark spot.
  • Heat-Free Zone:
    Avoid extreme heat for your jewelry.
  • Clean Hands, Happy Pearls:
    Handle your jewelry with clean hands. No oils or dirt allowed!