'shimmering tide' snake chain necklace

18k gold snake chain necklace


Surrender to the enchanting allure of our 'Shimmering Tide' snake chain necklace, a vivid token of oceanic serenity. This piece promises to amplify your love for the sun and fun, evoking delightful vacation vibes!

18k gold plated stainless steel

15" + 2" extender
width: 5 mm

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product details

Immerse yourself in the warm rhythm of our 'Shimmering Tide' snake chain necklace, a piece made for the beach lover, the adventurer, the sun-seeker. This is your 18k herringbone necklace, meticulously crafted with 18k gold-plated and stainless steel, gently whispering tales of the ocean's sway. Its rippled design is a dreamy fusion of elegance and story, a truly unique, subtly seductive touch to your layered style.

  • Features/Benefits/Materials:
  • Crafted from enduring 18k gold-plated and stainless steel for a touch of luxury
  • Confidently waterproof, designed for those carefree dips in the ocean
  • Perfectly complements layering necklace styles, elevating your beach-chic ensemble
  • Unique snake chain design brings an unmatched level of sophistication
  • Thoughtfully hypoallergenic and lead-free, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience
  1. Strong CTA: Dive into the intoxicating allure of our 'Shimmering Tide' snake chain necklace. Let the rhythm of its waves accompany your every adventure. Capture this feeling, own this statement.