'baywatch' necklace

turquoise beaded necklace with accents of red and white


The "Baywatch" beaded necklace —a vibrant and lively accessory that embodies the essence of a sun-soaked beach day. This eye-catching necklace features a playful display of vibrant turquoise blue, red, and white beads, mirroring the energetic charm of a day spent by the seaside.

colored beads

16" + 2" extender

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product details

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic melody of the waves with our 'baywatch' turquoise beaded necklace. The turquoise beads, interspersed with passionate red and a touch of purity in white, create a symphony that echoes the hues of a tropical coastline.

The turquoise beads mirror the ocean's tranquility, while the accents of red evoke the warmth of tropical passion. A touch of white adds purity to this coastal-inspired masterpiece, ensuring it seamlessly transitions from day to night.

  • With a length of 16" and a 2" extender, this beaded necklace offers versatility, allowing you to adjust the length for a personalized and comfortable fit.
  • The waterproof design ensures the necklace remains vibrant and beautiful, even in beach or water-related activities.
  • Crafted for day-to-night wear, the 'Baywatch' Necklace seamlessly transitions from casual daytime strolls to evening beach gatherings.
  • Join the tribe of beach enthusiasts and carry a wearable experience that serves as a reminder of carefree moments by the shore.
  • Enjoy free standard shipping, making this necklace not just a beautiful accessory but also a gateway to a world where every bead tells a tale of tropical allure.

Dive into coastal allure with the 'Baywatch' Necklace. Join the tribe, click "Add to Cart" for a wearable experience and enjoy free standard shipping.